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Short Stories

Blogs are supposed to tell stories and this collection of short, fictional stories aims to do just that. Find interesting pieces of fiction stories across a variety of genres, readable in your lunch hour.


Poems are an exciting (and musical) way to share a story and the collection of poems on this blog continues that idea. Discover poems about life, love, and other feelings.


This collection of posts lists the available downloadables and purchasable products (books, mainly) published on popular and secure channels. Get the latest stuff today.


Discover fear and chills with these series of posts. From two-line horror stories to much longer tales, the 'Afraid' collection of posts is all about horror.


This series of posts is an excerpt from a 'coming soon' feature-length book. Conversations is a story of young love loaded with the cuteness and the cringe along with all the moments of self-loathing followed by pure joy. Keep up with all the latest updates.

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Want to read interesting stories about the everyday things, modern-day internet culture, and fandom? The collection of 'Long Reads' features just that and a little more.

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