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About Me

My name's Jerry Rock. I enjoy writing and it is one of the things that I find myself to be good at. I started this blog in March 2013 and since then, have seen a lot of highs and a lot more lows (in my writing). I've often identified myself as an 'enthusiast blogger', which is probably generic but does describe me quite well. I'd rather write than talk, which is one of the reasons why I got started with writing.

When I started this blog, I had numerous ideas on how to make it big. I have to admit that some of those ideas were really pushing it, while others were just plain absurd. Eventually, I stumbled upon a rather suitable step and finally found a direction to my interest.

The Reading Experience

So what do you, as a reader, get from this blog? Well, this is supposed to be a wonderful reading experience for you. Simple language and even simpler stories about the rather complex existence of a human being. As humans, we don't find or even enjoy, things that are simple and thus, simple isn't the only thing I do.

I've written some poems, a few short stories among other stuff. I've tried my hand at really short stories as well along with a witty take on 'life quotes'.

This is probably the gist of it and I do intend to continue expanding the collection of works on this blog.

However, I don't just write fiction and casual takes on our lifestyle. There is a lot of stuff about typical things and I've my fair share of interest in books, music, tv, sports, and other forms of media/entertainment and you can find a selection of posts and other long reads on my Medium blog.

Then there is a collection of ebooks which includes short stories and essays that I post on Smashwords.


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You can also communicate with me through email at author@jerryrock.com.

License Notes

Since 2013, I've worked a lot on this blog. On that note, I request you to respect the hard work when you engage with the content.

All the works on this blog are meant for your own personal entertainment. I'd be glad if you share the works with your circles but I request you to share them in their entirety with due credit to the author. All reposts and reshares should be made with the link back to the source post. Thank you.

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