Mistakes - When Everything is Said and Done

Titled 'Mistakes', this short poem is about the heartbreaking realisation of losing a relationship over time as one is almost forced to walk away from their special someone, giving up on the one thing they thought was a constant.


The thing about your someone special is
that you always walk with them real slow.
And that is just one of the ways I can tell
that you are not in love with me any more.

Watching you carry your luggage, I realise
that it's not just the bags going away from me.
Hoping for you to turn around one last time,
I fail to find the word to tell you how I feel.

Perhaps I was the one who forced you out of love,
when I never said that you are all that I miss.
Abandoned by the fluttering butterflies in my gut
for all the times we held hands or we kissed.

I know I keep reminding you of your mistakes
but they were always my excuses to call things off.
What I didn't know at the time, in that moment
was that I'll be the one with the spectacular fall.

Failing you over and over was all that I managed
and in the end, when everything is said and done,
I could never ask you to come back because
deep down I know I never was the one.

The following mini-story is an addition to the poem, picking up from where the poem left off.

"I don't know if it was the rhythm of your voice or the aroma of your skin that filled my dreams with flavor and color every time we touched. What I do know is that my reality is a silent monotone where I can't  smell you, taste you, touch you any more.

Did death really do us apart? Or had we already drifted out of each other's universe by then?"


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