Boyfriend and Muse

It's hard to deny that asking a love interest out is one of the hardest things to do, irrespective of age or experience. This first bit is a rather chill take on the 'asking out' part: an almost teenage expression of young romance.

If I was your boyfriend...

Netflix and chill would be safe for work,
And Disney movies will get all the love,
Snuggles would replace the morning dread,
And you'll always get breakfast in bed.

We'll always be the ones to win game nights
And we'll talk things out any time we fight.
We'll laugh together and I'll listen to you vent,
There will be too many "I love yous" in our inbox and sent.

I'll tell you the different ways how you complete me
And how much I want and need you, you'll see.
When I move in to kiss you, that's where the dream ends,
'cause it's only in my fantasies that I'll be your boyfriend.

Did you get through all of that? This second part is a deeper take to the idea of romance and finding inspiration from that one person that means everything and a little more. This part is also inspired from the originally posted song/rhyme titled Muse. Click through to the lyrics of Muse.

For all the times that everything seems bleak,
maybe you can be the light that my eyes seek.
And for the hopeless situations that I put myself in,
Perhaps you can be the muse that gets under my skin.

I want you to be an inspiration, a marvelous wonder.
Turning all the monotone to an orchestra of colour.
I hope for you to be my journey and a beautiful fate.
The muse that keeps me ticking, and the perfect date.


And with that, I'd love to hear you review and feedback on this different style of presenting a poem and on the poem itself. Thank you for reading. 


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