Afraid - Two Line Horror and Scary Stories

"When I was young, it was the dark rooms in my home and the ghost stories in my head that would scare me. Today, however, I only fear the people who are not intimidated by the demonic ideas that haunt their minds."
- Jerry Rock, Afraid 028

"I've always had bad experiences with nosy neighbours, except for that one time when my house was broken into. The only thing I remember from that night was waking up to a loud gunshot and, in between the dim lighting on my room and the ringing ears, I noticed the cop struggling to keep the robber down. Come to think of it, this was another bad experience with my neighbour, since it was the 'husband' who attempted to kill me for being too friendly with his wife."
- Jerry Rock, Afraid 027

"Whenever I woke up from my nightmares, I'd find myself staring at the reflections in the large mirror to the left of my bed. The scary part, however, was when I would turn to the other side and experience the piercing gaze of a man in the window."
- Jerry Rock, Afraid 026

"The demon had blood red eyes, charred skin, long bat-like ears and sharp, serrated teeth that are always spread in a cunning grin. However, the most important aspect of his description is that I see him in the tall mirror in my room."
- Jerry Rock, Afraid 025

"If you've played the elevator game, you'd know how terrifying the other dimension could be. I, however, had a rather wonderful experience, mostly because I was able to get rid of my annoying sister."
- Jerry Rock, Afraid 024

"I am glad that all the lights were turned off in my room. When I woke up around 4 AM in the morning, I could barely make out someone or something in front of the mirror, smiling creepily at its own reflection. Honestly, I am kinda scared right now because right before I shut my eyes in fear, I am certain I saw the thing twist its neck in my direction, its grin widening."
- Jerry Rock, Afraid 023

"12 AM - 22nd knock on the door. That's what the instructions said. I opened the door, blew my candle, closed the door. Then came the sudden rush of dread as I realised that the game has begun.
While I did survive through all the running in the dark and the actual threat of the ritual, I don't even remember when I actually fell asleep. But I am certain that he didn't leave with my friends the next morning."
- Jerry Rock, Afraid 022

"In the last few years, I have had multiple paranormal experiences, running into a different entity every few days; the worst of which has been the cackling baby who enjoys disturbing my sleep each night. And, on nights that I don't wake up, it would attempt to munch my fingers off, leaving behind dried blood for me to clean up."
- Jerry Rock, Afraid 021

"Around midnight, I woke up to a loud crash on my bedroom window. The rain was still relentless as the pitch black night made it impossible to see anything outside. To be honest, I have seen enough horror movies to know how dumb it is to look outside in such a scenario. I returned back to my sleeping position, turning my back to the window when I got a call on my phone. I'd say the vibrating noise set the perfect backdrop for the pale white face that I found myself staring into, with its blooded grin and a glorious knife placed near its jaw."
Now, most people would have had a heart-attack by then but I know the habits of my sleepwalking wife.
- Jerry Rock, Afraid 020

"I often work late in the night and every time,  I can see her playing with her toys in the hallway. Her expressions are always a mix of sadness and anger, especially after she caught me staring at her a few nights ago."
- Jerry Rock, Afraid 019

"I've always believed in ghosts and I also believe that they are not always trying to harm anyone. So, after I was forced awake for an entire week by a consistent tapping on my window, I kindly requested the ghost to stop.
Little did I know that the entity would choose to barrage me with its blood curdling screams from the following night. Now, I am too afraid to ask it to stop because I can't risk it getting any closer than the side of my bed."
- Jerry Rock, Afraid 018

"My dog had this weird habit, where he would continuously bark at the corner of my room. I always had to shush him to get me some sleep, until that thing in the corner did that job itself. Permanently."
- Jerry Rock, Afraid 017

One of the voices said, "I could think of a thousand ways to hurt you. But jumping off of the top of this building will be too easy." It was coming from within me.
- Jerry Rock, Afraid 016

"The last time I saw you with that knife, you almost stabbed me", I told my wife.
"Oh, I am sorry. This time, I'll make sure you don't survive."
- Jerry Rock, Afraid 015

"Every evening on my way home, a bird would scream when I went past that old tree. It wasn't until one time that I finally stopped to check, its cries were at the extra shadow behind me."
- Jerry Rock, Afraid 014

"The problem with keeping the lights on at night is the shadows. They are definitely not supposed to be there."
- Jerry Rock, Afraid 013

"I could hear scratching against the door of my room. As I sat up, it took me a while to realise that it was coming from underneath my bed."
- Jerry Rock, Afraid 012

"I love playing around the house. Their kid seems scared most of the times, but I am a kid as well. Just invisible to them, and dead."
- Jerry Rock, Afraid 011

"I tried to follow the light at the end to the tunnel. "Was I dead?", I questioned myself. And that was when I heard the words "not yet" before being stabbed through my heart."
- Jerry Rock, Afraid 010

"I wanted to make a frowny face but was forced to smile, 'cause he too was smiling back at me. It feels awful to be inside a mirror."
- Jerry Rock, Afraid 009

"I wish I could tell my family that burns hurt. Even when I'm dead."
- Jerry Rock, Afraid 008

"I caught him staring at me. And, it wasn't until I felt a cold hand on my shoulder, that I realised he was trying to warn me of something standing just behind me."
- Jerry Rock, Afraid 007

"A hundred and twenty degrees, blood red sky, shrieks and screams almost every minute. I deserved some information about hell's condition before being sent down to commit sins."
- Jerry Rock, Afraid 006

"When I got out of the bed last night, around 2:30AM, I felt lighter than usual. Perhaps, it was because I could still see my body lying on the bed."
- Jerry Rock, Afraid 005

"I am always the first to the glass door whenever he comes. I promise that someday I'll drag him inside and then finally, I'll no longer be his reflection."
- Jerry Rock, Afraid 004

"I am so annoyed that she screams when I get to her. It can be much better though, if only I had eyes instead of these hollow spaces."
- Jerry Rock, Afraid 003

"There are so many things I wish to do. But then, I realise that not much can be done from inside a coffin."
- Jerry Rock, Afraid 002

"There was something uncanny about that walk last night. I mean, I don't normally walk hand in hand with my girlfriend, who died five years ago."
- Jerry Rock, Afraid 001


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