Has Watching Videos Become A Chore Like Reading?

That is if you think reading is too much work in the first place.

Reading is a fun way of getting one's language, grammar, and vocabulary to a higher level. It also does a good job on improving your attention and concentration while keeping your eyes away from the screen (if you prefer paperbacks).

At the same time, a significant portion of our community finds reading difficult/boring/tiresome/other negative adjectives, enough to invest the bare minimum efforts to get through their daily routine. Then there are those who believe that claiming 'I don't read' is an achievement while a few more think that reading takes too much time that could be spent doing more useful stuff.

This lack of preference for reading is further augmented by the fact that video content is being churned out by creators at an unbelievable rate. The growth of video platforms such as YouTube has given viewers access to rich information for less apparent effort and the increasing availability of internet means that this number of viewers continues to rise.

However, is watching videos really that easy a job? If reading is a chore, understanding the bulk of information on a video takes a lot of effort as well. Most educational and thoroughly researched content requires sufficient amounts of concentration and dedication from viewers, similar to the requirements of reading. Of course, the easier to understand pieces are simple irrespective of their format.

Another point to note is that the sheer amount of content uploaded each day means that it is hard to follow up on all the updates and not feel drained by it.

For the other side of the argument, it is easy to say that videos have just replaced the written words in this age of high-speed internet after the world had experienced the overwhelming walls of text on blogs and websites during the early days of the world wide web. Also, the supposed drop in attention spans of internet users around the world means that the improved interactivity that videos offer make them a better choice over text.

Unlike the requirement of depth and details in text-based content, producing videos can only involve a creator speaking into a webcam and be done with it. I am not saying that making videos is simple, but it gets easier when voice and facial expressions convey the message.

At the end of it all, it's the choice of content and not its type that matters. There is no pride in not reading and nothing to be ashamed of in preferring videos over words. They both need concentration to grasp and learn from.