Conversations 20 - What Keeps Us Ticking

Our recent distances seem to have forbidden us from feeling the emotions that we have for one another. It's surprising, especially when you consider that humans are supposed to value others when those 'others' aren't around.

For quite some time now, we've struggled to meet one another. In fact, our conversations have died down to negligible levels -  the effects of which we've started to witness.

The memories of our love are hazy, the confusion swaying us like a strong gust of wind. For all the time that we've lost track of our involvement in one another, the sudden excess of hours has become a ghost that reminds of what we are missing. The lack of communication continues to chip away the relationship we've built over the years and at the rate it is going, it won't be long till the consistent hammering builds a wall of unknown emotions between us.

In addition, the aggressiveness at pushing the other down has continued to cause hurt in the limited moments that we get. I don't understand the importance of winning an argument and I could see the plague of failure hovering around in the distance.

And yet, with all those concerns lined up, there is a certainty that you and I are on the right path, the destination a togetherness that we've planned since the beginning. This period, despite the influx of negativeness between us, is where we are working on the future that we see as common. As our poorly matched schedules continue to corrupt our foundation of the present, it's a bit of love and a lot of other things that keep us ticking.

We have an obvious solution in talking things out to understand one another and get through together. It doesn't matter if I can't hold your hand right now, 'cause I can always feel your warmth in my palm.

Do you think we won't be able to keep it together? Can you imagine a day when I don't answer your calls by choice? Or that we would walk past each other without acknowledging each other's presence.

My answers are 'no, no, and no'. What about you?


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