The New Year Is Coming Soon. What's the Plan?

Between all the high and low points of my writing, this blog has been around for over five years now. What started out as a log of a magical story of infinite success, now showcases tales of love and life, mixed with seemingly random thoughts and ideas of the human mind.

It began in March of 2013 - at a time when I wanted to tell every possible story that I can find in the world, across a variety of subjects and channels - targeting an overwhelming goal for a single person.

Then came the revisions, a new set of targets to achieve based on a much better analysis of my own self and my abilities.

There was a draft of a full-length novel that featured, probably, the worst of my writing and storytelling while defining my own ambition to tell a story for all the right reasons.

It still took a few more revisions and analysis to get to this point - writing new stories, deleting the bad ones, taking down the unfinished projects and a few more steps.

The start of the new year allows a fresh set of goals, one that allows both the writing abilities and the subsequent results to grow.

The first step under the new set is all about writing more. Helpful topics that support the writing life while telling stories that are a product of my own mind, distributed routinely to keep all the readers interested.

New, exciting projects are already under development, ranging between 3 hours to 3 days of your reading time. I am also working on streamlining the flow of fresh content across different, exclusive channels to optimize both the delivery and the reading experience.

I'd like to thank all the readers for their time and patience with me and this blog - you add so much value to everything that I create.


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