If There's A Superpower You Could Choose

Would you choose all the smarts of problem-solving? Or take the lead with brute strength? Perhaps flight would interest you? You could also go for mastery over one of the elements - fire, water, ice to name a few.

There's a reason superhero comics are so popular. The powers are where all the cool lies and examining the limits of these powers are a fun way to waste some time. Of course, the heroes without powers have the coolest gadgets (looking at you, Batman) but the 'super' element of powers is what often makes taking the bad guy down more fun.

With that said, what is the superpower of your choice? Between the psychics and the more flashy, physical beasts, shape-shifting is one of the most overlooked powers. And the one that I'd stand by.

Associated with the incredibly useful Mystique from X-Men, shape-shifting is very effective in getting things done, as evident from the many achievements and heists the character has pulled off in the comics and other media. On the front, the power appears as a solid 'defense' to save the user in a tough situation. It also suits the character of Mystique well, who's neither a hero nor a main antagonist.

The above is also the reason the power is not valued as much as it should be. It is, after all, a villain's ability. But if you'd take that part out of the equation, shape-shifting is one of the most practical powers for an average human, who would prefer to just get by in his everyday life.

If you are wondering about the possible enemies that you might run into, well there won't be much super about them. And if a bully or two are trying to mess with you, you could always shape-shift into one of the larger apes. No one has the guts to mess with a massive silverback.

With the ability to shape-shift, one can fit their clothes better, get the perfect body, the exceptional hair among other things that boost their appearance. Good looks are one way to psych yourself up and actually talk to the person that you have a crush on.

As for those of us who already have a wonderful love life, shape-shifting continues to offer an easy way out of the daily efforts in exercise and grooming. What's even better is that a proper diet is no longer necessary, since junk food will have no effect on your appearance. It might make you a bit sick, though.

A shape-shifter will also find it easy to mix among locals and smaller communities, which is often useful when one is in a tough situation.

There's also the fun part in being a shape-shifter - a doppelganger is a scary experience for any person and you could perhaps rally a small group of people by appearing as their 'interstellar overlord'.

Or, you could be a simple human shape-shifter, who'd put on different masks in different situations, taking a new personality when facing a fresh situation. In fact, you don't need any special powers for this one - losing yourself is hardwired into you by the society that you are a part of.