Conversations 16 - My Cue To Take Leave

"It's over", she said.

"As if", I shot back, mocking her umpteenth threat of leaving me. "We both know that a break up is not gonna happen, not after all these years."

"You seriously think that we will stick together just because we have for the last few years? Our time together does not give you any right to destroy my peace of mind.", she replied.

"First of all, I haven't done anything that you keep blaming me for. And our time does give me a right to be angry with your constant threats of breaking up with me. I can't..."

"You know what", she said with a hint of finality in her voice, "it is over. Goodbye." I had barely started preparing a new retort when I heard the line disconnect.

'I am not gonna call her. It's just one of those fights that solve itself and things will be back to normal in no time.', I thought to myself.

After I finished rewinding the conversation in my head a couple of times, I returned to my work, unaware of how wrong my decision was.


Having not heard from her for three days since our last argument, I started crafting monologues in my head to make her feel guilty about her actions. 'Her arrogance is beyond compare', I thought.


A few seconds later, it hit me. In the past few days, rather the past few years, I've made each and every mistake that I condemned people for making in their relationships. I took her presence for granted, I stopped taking us seriously and I definitely didn't give her the time and attention that I should have.

The worst thing, however, was the fact that I continued to believe that she will stay with me despite my poor efforts. 'Relationships don't work that way, idiot', the voice inside me said as I began punching her number on my phone.

Relationships are like work, they need consistent effort and dedication to keep everything running at an optimum level. Things don't work out on their own, problems don't solve themselves and misunderstandings can quickly add up when actual discussions and conversations are not given any time.

With every ring, I cursed myself for thinking wrongly of her as the lump in my throat continued to grow hotter. I didn't notice when she picked up the phone, not until I could hear her heavy breathing, synchronised to my sobs and sniffles.

"It's okay.", she found her voice earlier than I could.


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