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Conversations 17 - A Rhyming Response

There's a special kind of charm associated with rhymes and poetry. It makes saying something easier, probably more romantic and all the more special. This poem from the Conversations series takes a different route to the usual storytelling. Read on. From the highs of the highs and the lows of the lows The moments of passionate love and the instances of steady flows You have always stood by my side, keeping together Sticking around, sharing your love and emotions for the better

Conversations 16 - My Cue To Take Leave

"It's over", she said. "As if", I shot back, mocking her umpteenth threat of leaving me. "We both know that a break up is not gonna happen, not after all these years." "You seriously think that we will stick together just because we have for the last few years? Our time together does not give you any right to destroy my peace of mind.", she replied. "First of all, I haven't done anything that you keep blaming me for. And our time does give me a right to be angry with your constant threats of breaking up with me. I can't..."

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