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Rhyme - To Let You Go

Adolescence is the time of heart stopping crushes, unbelievable romantic gestures and an exaggerated number of infatuations among other feelings. Most of us have experience with these strange sensations but many don't realise the awkwardness of the situation when these feelings are not reciprocated. 'To Let You Go' is a take on the clumsiness that the romantic butterflies in the stomach forces one into. I remember the day when I saw you strolling around with your friends and I couldn't help myself falling in love with you.

All The Comments and Discussions Have Gone Missing!

As someone who has used Google+ as a primary channel of social media distributions for the posts made on this blog, it was a hard decision to unlink the social platform from all of this content. But the recent news of Google+ being shut down didn't leave much of a choice. Sadly, these transitions are not as easy as they seem. The combined influence of removing Google+ and linking a new domain ( means that none of the existing comments on individual posts will show up, leaving behind pages with zero interaction between the writer and the readers.

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