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Afraid 19

I found myself staring blankly at the phone's display. It was her number all right but it shouldn't be. Not after I saw the life leave her body, back at the hospital.

How I 'Learn' to Write

Lately, I've been reading a lot of my old stuff and the cringe that comes with it is beyond comprehension.

Do I laugh at it? Definitely. Complain? Like clockwork. Am I embarrassed? Perhaps.

But will I push it out of my hard drive, wishing Google would do the same, all the while cursing myself for writing it in the first place to earn me the blushes from all those who've read it?

Quotes 021

"Considering that 'I will love you, forever' is already done a thousand times, I'd choose to call your name with my penultimate breath. I would save the last one for our following kiss."

Afraid 18

"My dog had this weird habit, where he would continuously bark at the corner of my room. I always had to shush him to get me some sleep, until that thing in the corner did that job itself. Permanently."

Conversations 14 - The Perfect Date

At the restaurant, with that grin on your face and some food in front of us. Two of your friends were staring me down as I wiped the food off of my mouth.

There were a few things that I realised that day. One, that a girl won't meet a stranger unless she is accompanied by her friend. Two, when one tries too much, they create a memory that will haunt them for the rest of their lives. Especially when that girl you met stays around.