Conversations 13 - Why I'm Not A Romantic

To be honest with you, I have a feeling that you aren't really pleased with my view on 'romance'. All right, it's more than a feeling. Especially after you've mentioned it time and again.

Now that you've known me for a while, it's hard to not notice that I'm way older than 'old school'. I am not sure if a 'top level dinner' and 'walk on the beach' are of a similar period in the timeline of the ideas for a perfect date. I am not aware where the 'long drive' thing falls or where to include a 'movie' in there.

To make matters worse, I'm not good at stitching the right sentences for a decent, loving conversation - which I know is your biggest complain.

Finally, to top it all, I can be ignorant and ill-mannered enough to do everything opposite of what you expect from me. And doing that following a bad day at work cues a dispute that will accumulate in an already long list.

For a solution, I am fine with a 'movie and dinner' thing, but factoring my laziness in there, I'd be happier in having just you instead of a restaurant or a theatre full of people that I don't care about.

Now a romantic may argue that nobody else matters as long as you have 'the one' with you, but hey, I am not one of those.

Honestly, I can do things way better by truly having just you around.


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