Conversations 12 - An Actual Conversation

It's hard to believe that one would fight for being given too many chances to express themselves. Contrary to how humans work, you know.

So I was taken aback when you went as far as almost 'harassing' me to have a proper conversation with you. And your description of that,

1. Avoid the nodding and okays.
2. Actually put forward a point from my end.
3. Be able to debate with you.

There were a few others as well.

And it was quite stupid to me. Why would I want to debate a point that I am in agreement with? Plus, I believe nodding (and related words) are a fine way of expressing that agreement.

However, I can't win an argument there. Which brings us back to the point - I'm still doing what you expect me to (according to me) and yet I am far from expressing my points/debating(which is what you believe).

Any way, your experiment wasn't actually too successful but it wasn't a failure either. We did manage to find a middle ground with further iterations.

Fast forward a few years and we are at the point where my expressions have varying effects on you. Sometimes they hurt, the other times we are cool. And then there are those times when they are charming enough to make you happy.

If this is what you were aiming for at that time, I am pleased to have successfully completed that goal.

What I would request of you is to follow suit and do what you wanted me to do at that time. You know, apart from the usual express and debate, you can actually hold on to your arguments for long. One of us being right doesn't mean the other one will be wrong.

Similar to how we found the middle ground at that time, I am certain that we can do it again. So long, we'll keep plugging.


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