New Story Preview - The Stairwell

"But I should get back to more important matters at hand. Since last week, when I started high school, I have noticed this girl ahead of me. I mean, exactly two flight of stairs ahead of me. Surprisingly, as soon as the stairwell ends, she would vanish in thin air."

Hello everyone. I am, presently, working on a new short story. Titled, 'The Stairwell', the story follows Nick, a teenager, who has an 'out of the ordinary' experience to share.

A horror story, it follows Nick's experience, fuelled by his curiosity and teenage instincts, in a narrative.

I can promise a great read and I'm hoping for an active participation from the readers, with reviews and responses.

The one question that I have is, in what format will you prefer to read the story? As a downloadable e-book or a normal blog post. Comment your suggestion below. Thank You.


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