Conversations 11 - A Meeting

Just about twenty minutes.

I was actually hoping for a lot more than that but thanks to your lovely habit of being late, twenty minutes was all that I got. And considering the fact that it could have been far less, I am quite content with those few minutes.

Okay, twenty minutes is still a long time for something that was supposed to be a rushed exchange.

But if you could have seen my face (expressions, to be precise), you would have been more generous. Or perhaps you did notice it, and that's why I got the extra time.

Honestly, that was enough time to push me overboard. That was enough time for me to fall head over heels for you. And it was enough time for you to enchant me with your charm.

All right, enough of the romantic expressions.

Going back to that moment, I could remember waiting for you and then calling you to ask your whereabouts. And then, finally, being able to see you. To see you with your friends. To see my time, our time, being cut short.

Jealous, was I? No. Annoyed? Maybe. Happy? Definitely. 'Cause there's nothing better than spending my every waking moment with you.


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