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Conversations 11 - A Meeting

Just about twenty minutes.

I was actually hoping for a lot more than that but thanks to your lovely habit of being late, twenty minutes was all that I got. And considering the fact that it could have been far less, I am quite content with those few minutes.

New Story Preview - The Stairwell

"But I should get back to more important matters at hand. Since last week, when I started high school, I have noticed this girl ahead of me. I mean, exactly two flight of stairs ahead of me. Surprisingly, as soon as the stairwell ends, she would vanish in thin air."

Quotes 017

"Being hard on yourself is not the best idea but it is, probably, better than being in a bubble of false security."


Plan B is, certainly, punishment.

If you haven't read the earlier part, click here.

This is exactly the opposite of what we talked about in the previous part but it is a very reliable option. The key here is that the 'punishment' should not be used as a cure but as a preventive measure.