Appreciation is perhaps the best gift for someone when they are down, or scared or any of the 'feeling worthless' emotions. Because, at the end of the day, the most comfortable thing to know is that there is someone who loves you.

Of course, we are very selective of who we should express it to. One's family gets the most praise, and then there are those who realise later that the family does deserve it. Parents, siblings, significant others and kids, they all play an important role in shaping their outlook to their life and the world.

And then we have our friends, who we shower with all the gratitude possible, especially during school and work. We won't shy from buying them a drink (or coffee) when they help us out. That is just a general idea, but you get the point. We all have our ways of showing our heart-felt appreciation to our friends, even if it is the smallest of favours.

And one should.

But I guess, some things are much better unsaid.

Anyway, the idea of rewarding someone based on their work is seemingly fair. They must know how valuable their contribution is. Everyone likes to be treated nicely. One is more likely to approach a person with a 'happy' look on their face instead of a grumpy kid. On a similar note, children are generally more attractive, 'cause they have less things to stress about.

Back to our original point, the incentives and bonuses in the corporate comes from the 'star' on a four year old's notebook. They are all rewards for all hard work put in. Also, things such as 'A letter of appreciation' exists to make sure that this 'reward policy' is being practiced well enough.

Obviously, nothing wrong can come from being good. Right?

Well, not entirely. It has been note that teenagers/young adults tend to misuse their freedom to choose by indulging in activities like substance abuse. With that in mind, one can raise questions against this idea of 'Rewards'.

Yes, it is the responsibility of the parents to look after what their kids do, keeping secrets is not exactly what you would call difficult.

So, what is plan B?

Coming soon....don't miss the update.