Conversations 10 - The First Smile

Your first smile? If I recall properly, it wasn't a smile. I, clearly, remember you laughing and giggling while you were (sort of)  hiding behind your friend.

There may be a few romantics who would still consider it a smile. Not me, though. Your first smile, surprisingly, came more than a month later, when you, probably, saw me kicking some stones around. And by the way, I used 'surprisingly' because that behavior actually deserve a laugh.

Turns out, you are quite confused about your expressions. Or maybe you are just a 'crazy' somebody, who has no control over what they say or do.

All right, I might offend you if I go any further, so let's scratch those lines.

Perhaps, you are exactly like the child that everyone thinks you are. In fact, I expect you to talk 'gibberish' just to confirm that idea.

And then there are moments when your mind is absolutely flooded with maturity, and that is where we go back to the lines we 'scratched off'.

At the end of the day, these confusions don't matter. It is, after all, just like everybody out there. But what makes you unique is that you don't let your problems stop you from being you.

And you know what, this is exactly what I learned when I made my first contribution to your smile.  


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