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Appreciation is perhaps the best gift for someone when they are down, or scared or any of the 'feeling worthless' emotions. Because, at the end of the day, the most comfortable thing to know is that there is someone who loves you. Of course, we are very selective of who we should express it to. One's family gets the most praise, and then there are those who realise later that the family does deserve it. Parents, siblings, significant others and kids, they all play an important role in shaping their outlook to their life and the world.

Conversations 10 - The First Smile

Your first smile? If I recall properly, it wasn't a smile. I, clearly, remember you laughing and giggling while you were (sort of)  hiding behind your friend. There may be a few romantics who would still consider it a smile. Not me, though. Your first smile, surprisingly, came more than a month later, when you, probably, saw me kicking some stones around. And by the way, I used 'surprisingly' because that behavior actually deserve a laugh.