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Dark Obsession

There’s an uncanny charm about negativity. For example, the villain in a story is supposed to be (and eventually is) accepted and supported more than the protagonist. We are attracted to their style and are curios about their backstories. And I truly believe that designing the antagonist is a far more difficult and interesting task. On the contrary, the hero is designed as a simple (often underdog) character. Now this is generally done to promote the idea of ’winning against all odds’, but one must still take note of this favouritism to negative characters. The Joker from The Dark Knight was one of the best received antagonists, and so was Jim Moriarty from Sherlock Holmes. Both characters were psychopaths (and sociopaths), portrayed as both smart and strong, getting the best out of their nemeses. Even though they lost, it wasn’t before winning over a major following to their ideologies. And, this happened despite the anti-human nature of their ideas. Isn’t this, morally, wrong?

The Story Of A Girl - Ebook