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Why do I have to ask you to be happy? It is not as if you are doing me a favour. Haven't you heard every one say that laughter is the best medicine? That was probably a 'lame' reason. But you know, even if I give you a million reasons to be happy, you will still find one to be sad. And, even if I surrender to all that you ask for, I'm sure that you will still be upset.  I hope you understand that I am not complaining. I am, honestly, worried about you. At times, it seems as if you are being calculative of how happy you are. This is, however, something whose number shouldn't worry you. In fact, there are thousands of other things that you can worry about, and that doesn't include us. I accept that I've made mistakes, and that I might be wrong about many things. But what I am sure about is that I am crazy about you. And no one can ever change that. I promise to give you one less thing to bother, and I hope that you will be genuinely happy, soon.

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