Adaptability, by definition, is the ability to change to be able to deal with the surroundings. The Darwin's theory features terms like evolution and natural selection, which are more or less concerned with the adaptability of an organism.

But of course, a more relevant take on this skill would be centered around the every day routine of an individual, and how well does he (or she) manage to deal with the changes.

Consider a situation, where your boss assigns you a job on a Friday evening, virtually ruining you weekend. Now rather than using your trusty rights and lefts on his face, it is better to accept the task and focus on its completion.

Well, this was probably not the best example. But you do get the point. Adaptability is about making adjustments just so you can perform better at whatever activity that you are (forced to be) a part of.

Certainly, that doesn't mean one should go out of their skins to adjust, for being comfortable must be the prime goal in any scenario. If you are regularly willing to give up your choices for others, I suggest that it is time for you to have a open discussion with whosoever it may be.

One might argue that making adjustments is somewhat a weak trait. It might suggest that you are easy to manipulate. Or you might be the one who accepts the changes in a domestic or professional association. It is like being the recessive member in a partnership.

These are, perhaps, all the wrong inferences from the word's definition. Being adaptable doesn't imply that you are weak, rather you are easy to work with. You are someone who can work in the most difficult of situations, and are also better suited to lead a group, for you are far more understanding and approachable. This is the kind of skill set that comes with a person tagged 'adaptable'.

The list of advantages is too long to worry about the negatives. Also, it is not the only trait that makes up one's personality and anyway you are better off with an ability that will look good on your resume.

And, as Mahatma Gandhi puts it, "you must be the change you wish to see in the world." So, it is better to accept changes with a smile instead of being stubborn about how 'hard' the job is.