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Afraid 010

"I tried to follow the light at the end to the tunnel. "Was I dead?", I questioned myself. And that was when I heard the words "not yet" before being stabbed through my heart."


Adaptability, by definition, is the ability to change to be able to deal with the surroundings. The Darwin's theory features terms like evolution and natural selection, which are more or less concerned with the adaptability of an organism.

But of course, a more relevant take on this skill would be centered around the every day routine of an individual, and how well does he (or she) manage to deal with the changes.

Afraid 009

"I wanted to make a frowny face but was forced to smile, 'cause he too was smiling back at me. It feels awful to be inside a mirror."

Afraid 008

"I wish I could tell my family that burns hurt. Even when I'm dead."