9 Lines : What's Really Tough

Everyone has their definitions of being tough. But what does 'being tough' really mean? Is it literally taking a hit and still being able to hit back? Or is it being able to deal with a major heartbreak? The thing is, it depends upon what kind of a person is answering and what the situation is. Still, here's a list of a few universal indicators of being tough. Let's begin.

1. Showing off your skills, your possessions or for that matter just showing off is not tough. Unless you are able to back it up with big performances and earning the 'dependable' tag, you are not tough. What makes you tough is when you do what you can to make a difference.

2. Ignoring or belittling your family 'cause it shows that you are sensitive is not being tough. The tough can keep up with the peer pressure and actually support his family because it is the right thing to do.

3. There's nothing great about being on your own two feet after, say, 15 shots of alcohol. But you can call yourself tough upon taking the wise decision of saying no to drugs.

4. A very common saying. Tough is not the one who can hold grudges, but the one who can forgive. And, this is as true as it gets. 

5. Again, while it is easy to make fun of others, it doesn't make you tough. However, you can claim to be tough enough if you can laugh on yourself.

6. Crying is healthy, right? So instead of hiding their tears, a tough person will go the distance to make others happy. Giving up something for a greater cause is a sacrifice. It doesn't make you a quitter.

7. Building up twenty inch biceps will never make you tough. What it does is give you a false sense of security. Someone who is truly tough will stand up for themselves and others, instead of being a chicken in a lion's suit. 

8. Leading a team is not an easy task. You have a group of individuals that depend on you. So does that make you tough? Not unless you take the responsibility of the team's failure as much as you wish to be the center of their success.

9. Similarly, being tough is not about winning every time. It is about losing with pride and honour. You are not tough if you cheat your way to success.

A tough somebody can differentiate between the right and the wrong. There's a fine line between being strong and being tough. While one signifies aggression, the other portrays a more calculative approach to that aggression. And, one should try to be on the right side.