Turning a blind eye to your surroundings is probably the worst thing to do. It makes you vulnerable, an easy target and an incompetent.

The negative opening is a warning sign for those who choose this option to get away from challenges. Life is incomplete without taking chances.

Surely, one can always go back to their strategy for taking things on. Right between the 'Plan A' and 'Plan B', a strategy will help you for as long as your will holds on.

A breaking point is inevitable. Everyone faces it. Some a lot more than others. The encounter with breaking point depends on one's strategy. On the other hand, it is the will that helps them rise up again.

Coming back to where we started, the option of running away might be easy, but it is weak. What you lose is your honour and pride. And, if there is something bigger than that, you lose it too. 

Being quiet to your exploitation, being asleep to someone else's and being ignorant as a human is as dark as it gets. It destroys hope, negates faith and kills the very reason of being a homo sapien.  

Of course, there is a fine line between being aggressive and being imbecilic. Innocence is a 'weak' trait if you can't mix it up with a street smart psyche. How well one balances the two natures is what makes or breaks them.

And the next time you are threatened, open your eyes and rise up.