Conversations 6

A silent rage burning inside me, and all your complains. They are legit, but I cannot adapt.

This is something I am unable to deal with. Something I cannot understand right now, and I'm in no condition to tell you. But I can't expect you to fathom too, for it doesn't connect with you. Or does it? I don't know. That's is all I can say right now.

I can't explain.

It is difficult. Changes, complications, challenges. 3 Cs. Three difficult Cs.

You might recollect a similar case a few years ago. But this time, it is a bit different.

If you think I'm jealous, maybe I am. Or maybe I don't wanna drop back again.

If you think I'm rough, maybe I am. Or maybe anger heals my fear.

If you think I'm angry, maybe I am. Or maybe I hide my real self.

If you think I'm ignorant, maybe I am. Or maybe I want just you,

Too many maybes and too many chances. I can just tell you that I'm dealing with myself. I won't be surprised if you can't. I'm dealing with the changes that are soon to come. I'm not sure if you can. But what remains true, I hope, is that I love you.


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