Conversation 5

"Hey, can I make a call?" I read the text to myself. It didn't sound too much or too little. Decent and direct. I badly wanted to hear her voice and I was already impatient. Even before I'd sent the message. Pretty dumb, right? I couldn't help it.

"No", was her reply. It felt saddening. But I had to react quickly. I had made up my mind to talk with her. In fact, I had planned our entire conversation in my head. I then punched in, "It will be just two minutes." Perhaps I was sounding a bit desperate. And desperate I was. We've been talking for a few months, but I've never managed to talk to her on phone or in person. The only option I had had was of texting, and that too before 11pm. Quite a lot of rules, but having her around held more value. Even though it is in the virtual world.

Finally, she replied back, "All right."

I was completely overtaken by joy. It took me a while to call her up, for I spent a lot of time going over and over the planned conversation. She just has to follow the script. And it would be all right. I cheered myself as my ears captured the rings of her dial tone. 

"Hey", I started small.

"Hi", even smaller. 

Unlike her texts, such a small word simply froze me. I totally forgot about the script, and all I could hear on her end was her breathing.

"So...", I finally uttered a word.

"So...", what a copycat. "You're gonna waste the two minutes like this", she continued.

"Probably you should start something", I replied.

" are you?"

And that was the start of sixty seconds of replies from both ends. When I finally put the phone down, the timer read 3:36.

A decent start, I guess.  


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