9 Lines : Things You don't Really Need

The life of a common man has become more of a struggle to obtain things. Things that make him better among his peers, earn him respect from the majority and make him happy. Or so he thinks. Materialistic possessions can never give you anything of importance except false hopes and feelings of achievement. Here's a list of a few things on every person's list that while he thinks he needs, is not required to have.

1. Million Dollars - That is a minimum value. Right? For everyone who says money doesn't make you happy and everyone else who counters it, there is a much smaller amount required. And that is just to lead a normal life. It is not the bank balance, but the way you use it that makes you happy.

2. Super Car -  How about burning some rubber? Absolutely nothing can beat the thrill of driving a car with a top speed of 200mph. But, isn't that just achieved on a race track? Yes, it is great to have such a beast in your arsenal, for you can't showoff how much you did to help someone. Here's a fact though, possessing something reduces its value (to that person).

3. Home Theater System - What is the point of being fined for poor conduct? Music is better enjoyed all by yourself, or with friends if you love company. You don't really have to entertain an unwilling neighbour. Or worse, the cop that could be knocking on your door.

4. Facebook Fame - The number of likes or shares on your status/photo doesn't make you a better writer/photographer. It is your hard work and talent that improves your skills. It doesn't even make you more likable. So, try not to be jealous when your friend gets more likes on their selfie. Facebook was, after all, meant as a way to be closer to friends.

5. Beach Body - Nothing wrong if you have one. This one's for those who participate in substance abuse to get one. Being fit is totally different from having a beach body, and one should be aware of it. Athleticism will give you more years than steroids.

6. Commercial Software - This one depends on your usage. Unless you are a professional in the field, you can do well with the open source alternatives. Stealing them online is plain wrong and can even land you in prison. Plus, what good can you do when your first step is wrong?

7. Gaming Console - It is simply an add-on to the living room. Not to forget that it prevents you from going out and having some real fun. It isn't necessary that you force your parents, or spend your hard-earned money, into something that drains you in the long run.

8. Mansion - Home Sweet Home, right? The people living in the house are way more important than its size. You shouldn't have to put so much in a mansion-like house when it would be accommodating just a few people. Efficiency is key.

9. $1000 Phone - Okay, here's a question. When applying for a job, a specialist has better odds, right? So why is the criteria different for phones? If you really need a great camera, put your money in a DSLR. A phone is supposed to make and receive calls, and a Nokia 100 can do that very well.

I don't have a problem with anyone having all of this. It is, ultimately, a result of years of hard work, and it should be rewarded. The issue is with those who end up with a lot more damage in order to possess these items. Happiness comes through sharing and not greedily obtaining things. There's a fine line between taking and earning.