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Turning a blind eye to your surroundings is probably the worst thing to do. It makes you vulnerable, an easy target and an incompetent.

The negative opening is a warning sign for those who choose this option to get away from challenges. Life is incomplete without taking chances.

Conversations 6

A silent rage burning inside me, and all your complains. They are legit, but I cannot adapt.

This is something I am unable to deal with. Something I cannot understand right now, and I'm in no condition to tell you. But I can't expect you to fathom too, for it doesn't connect with you. Or does it? I don't know. That's is all I can say right now.

Conversation 5

"Hey, can I make a call?" I read the text to myself. It didn't sound too much or too little. Decent and direct. I badly wanted to hear her voice and I was already impatient. Even before I'd sent the message. Pretty dumb, right? I couldn't help it.

9 Lines : Things You don't Really Need

The life of a common man has become more of a struggle to obtain things. Things that make him better among his peers, earn him respect from the majority and make him happy. Or so he thinks. Materialistic possessions can never give you anything of importance except false hopes and feelings of achievement. Here's a list of a few things on every person's list that while he thinks he needs, is not required to have.