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Turning a blind eye to your surroundings is probably the worst thing to do. It makes you vulnerable, an easy target and an incompetent.

The negative opening is a warning sign for those who choose this option to get away from challenges. Life is incomplete without taking chances.

Conversations 6

A silent rage burning inside me, and all your complains. They are legit, but I cannot adapt.

This is something I am unable to deal with. Something I cannot understand right now, and I'm in no condition to tell you. But I can't expect you to fathom too, for it doesn't connect with you. Or does it? I don't know. That's is all I can say right now.

Conversation 5

"Hey, can I make a call?" I read the text to myself. It didn't sound too much or too little. Decent and direct. I badly wanted to hear her voice and I was already impatient. Even before I'd sent the message. Pretty dumb, right? I couldn't help it.