7 Lines : Dominance of the Letter 'F'

The English language has always been very open, taking and deriving words from a variety of other languages. Of course, some words are more common, while there are others whose usage can get your vocabulary a five star rating. Here, I've got a few simple words, which have one thing in common. Actually two. One of them being their influence in our everyday lives. The other is, well, you already read the title.

1. First: The first word is 'First'. I request one instance where you wished to not come first. It is unacceptable, right? With someone competing in each and every field (or skill) that you think you are good at, being first is the prime concern, by all means, in many cases.

2. Fear: A dominant emotion, fear has played a very commanding role in our actions. A strategy will make the difference between life and death. And, while some fear death, a majority are scared of something in their every waking moment.

3. Force: Be it physics or life, you can add the word force to it. It obviously adds weight to your statement. In fact, you don't even need to use the word every time. It can be deployed as an expression too. Kind of like when someone knocks you down when you wish to raise a point.

4. Free: Too many tough words too soon? Here's one to bring a smile on your face. Getting something for free is relaxing. Period. At least, you can get some things without working hard for it. Being free or responsibilities, and living large with your freedom. What else do you need?

5. Fame: To answer the above question. We all love when someone looks up to us, idolises us. Being popular for your actions is a great feeling. After all, you have to make a difference.

6. Faith: For all the difficult times, it is your faith that helps you through them. Might not always be about religion, but faith in something, anything, can guide you.

7. 'F' word: I can't use it directly, but you know what I am referring to. One may not like it or even feel offended, but for someone trying to get under your skin, it is the perfect response. Maybe, it will help them worry more about their lives.

By no means is this a pessimistic article, or intended to belittle or hurt someone. It is just a list of a few common words with some general perceptions.