6 Lines : Everyday Hints

Body language is probably the most important part of a conversation. How one carries himself will define his position among his peers. And of course, there are some things that need not be said. Understanding with your friends is one thing, but expressing yourself to strangers can get difficult, especially when you are somewhat restricted. Here's a list of some ways how we interact with our friends, loved ones and others.

1. Holding Hands - This is perhaps the first touch a guy (mostly) makes with his beloved. Holding hands doesn't just signify love, but has a deeper meaning to it. When someone holds your hand from underside, it means that they support you and want you to guide them. And it is the other way round when they get their hand above yours. Maybe why boys are supposed to be more decisive in a relationship.

2. Group Laughter - You can laugh and cry, express yourself the most with the one who's got all your trust. The pattern follows in groups as well. Try to notice who is looking at you the next time your group shares a laugh, 'cause that person is very comfortable with you around.

3. Feet Position - While in a conversation, if you observe the other person's feet pointing away from you, then it is truly the time to say 'bye-bye'. It shows disinterest and a desire to get away as quickly as possible. Also, if someone is attracted to or interested in you, their knees will be towards you when sitting alongside you.

4. Volume - A screaming somebody is begging for attention, while being annoying and aggressive. Exactly the kind of person who you should keep away from. Especially when the howling is all they know. A low volume person portrays a calm and composed appearance. At least, they don't leave you needing a hearing aid.

5. Looking Into the Eyes - Confidence is the keyword. In any social, or rather in any situation, confidence is what will get you through. And its value increases when you lack proper information about your target. While talking, looking into their eyes will indicate your command (and confidence), which is a good score. And, it is further more effective on someone of the opposite sex.

6. Underdog Advantage - If confidence is good, overconfidence is a big no. You might come out as too cocky and arrogant, which makes for a bad first impression. In fact, in a casual encounter, nervousness can be laughed off, but arrogance will drive people away from you.

There could be a lot more in this list, but these are some good ones to start off with.