The paranormal is a very common type of fear. From campfire stories to horror movies and video games, the genre is popular in all age groups.

But the question that I've seen a lot, actually questions this fear of ghosts.

'Are you afraid of the dark, or what you may find in it?' 

I'm sure many of us have seen this already. But the question is enough to turn over in one's mind.

For instance, while one is extremely comfortable around friends, this comfort drops rapidly when you are all by yourself in different surroundings. And then again, you are back to normal if you find even one familiar face.

While the curiosity may have killed the cat, it is this curiosity that  defines our species. It was this curiosity that made us light fire from a spark, and explore the space 13 billion light years from us. Multiply this with the never ending search for knowledge, and you get the complete package of homo sapiens. 

Sadly, when this curiosity is combined with 'lack of' knowledge, it gives rise to our fears. A dark alley may not be full of spirits and demons lingering to pounce on you, but then, it will guide you to follow the normal path back home (which is of course, relatively safer). 

It is not what we know about something, but what we don't know about it that scares us. So yes, being oblivious is the true reason why we are afraid.