Dad's New Girlfriend

"Why don't you focus on your studies?", he said.

"I do.", that was all I could come up with.

"Your performance speaks otherwise.", he continued. "Now listen to me, first of all, give me your phone. And, about that boy, I forbid you to see him anymore."


"You are not supposed to question me. Just do as I said. That boy is ruining you and you should stay away from him."

"Fine, dad."


That happened about a year ago, when my dad found about my so-called boyfriend. I promise, he wasn't one.

Hi, I'm Debby. Actually, it is Deborah, but Debby is a much better name. Isn't it? About me, I'm a typical teenager, right between a nerd and a bimbo. These may be offensive terms, but then it gives the majority of people a clear picture of me.

The 'boyfriend' thing that my dad made a big deal about, never truly happened. It wasn't until my senior year when I met 'that boy'(as my father puts it), Derek.

Our story was picture perfect. Hugs and kisses, movies and dishes. Okay that wasn't funny. But anyway, we spent a good time together. Perhaps my academic performance suffered a bit, but it was never spectacular. I was an average student, and I maintained those averages.

But of course, my dad got an excuse for those average performances. And he capitalised very well on them. He even went as far as telling my teacher about my mingling with boys, which apparently enraged her even more than him. She used to keep an eye on me, but I managed through that.

It's not that I hate my dad. Instead, his actions are not like a normal father. We've never had a proper conversation, except for when he's scolding me. He would never pay attention to my school, other than the results. And he won't help me with anything for that matter, but would be the first one to complain about my faults. However, I've got used to it by now, and I've decided to look over his basic parenting mistakes. For I know, at the end of it all, he loves me and cares about me.

Well that was until he decided to interrupt between me and Derek, 'cause that was completely unnecessary. And there was nothing wrong that he had to control and infect yet another good thing.

But it has been quite long since then, and I've gotten over it. I mean, what's the point in holding a grudge with your own father? Like my brother quoted, "something better would be coming soon".


"Your 'something better' is not here yet", I taunted my brother.

"And why is that?", he replied.

"Have you been noticing your parents? Just look at them. They would argue about the smallest of things."

"So, what's new about that?"

"What's new is that the number of arguments are increasing every day. And their fights are as routine as the rising sun. It is bound to happen. Daily."

"Yes, but it happens more than once a day. So not exactly the 'sunrise' kind."

"Yeah", I giggled.

"In fact, they are much more interesting than the wrestling they show nowadays", he continued.

"You are sinister, Adam.", I said. Yes he was. For someone who enjoys his own parents looking to verbally kill each other, sinister is the perfect word, right?

"You don't know, do you?", he asked me in a stern tone.

"About what?", I was confused.

"You remember, your favorite Ms. Donovan?"

"Of course, she was a sweetheart.", I replied sarcastically.

"Very funny. Anyway, your father has kind of a fling with her."

"What?", I was stunned by that thunderbolt.

"Yes, he does. Haven't you checked his phone?", he questioned.

"I guess it is bad manners to go through someone else's phone without their consent.", I replied.

"Where did we go wrong with you, Debby?", he joked. "If only you were more sharp, you would know the truth."

"You are kidding, right?", I still thought he was just making it up.
"You don't believe me?"

"Now when did you last spoke the truth, brother?", I replied. Yes, Adam is probably the biggest liar on planet earth. Though he might be behind the political geniuses that we have. And while a normal person would have believed his story, but to someone who knows him so well, and of course the kind of story this was, his story was completely phony.

"I know sweetheart. Wait I'll show you.", he answered.

I was anxiously waiting as he headed towards his room. Of course, he was lying. But I was still worried. What if he was right. Dad with someone else. That can never happen, or could it? No, it is not possible. Dad will never do this to us. He is a man of ideals, and will never participate in anything that is wrong. And wrong this was. An extra-marital affair is the worst one can do, to their partner and family. And, for a man like my father, such an offense is enough for the outlaw to be dragged into hell. Evil, in simple terms.

"Here", came in Adam with his proof.

"You are a manipulative, two-faced freak, Adam. How dare you lie about your own dad.", I blurted out.

"Will you just look at it first?", he said.

"No, I am not taking part in any of your stupid game.", I shouted at him. I could have gone on and on with that, but I decided to leave the scene.


Later that evening, I spent a lot of time thinking about what he told me. Honestly, I was worried. I mean yes, Adam is not the most reliable source of information, but even he would never go around disgracing his own father. He is not that bad after all. But then why would he say so?

I spent the entire night contradicting myself over the possibilities. Sometimes yes and many other times no, I finally decided that it was just a fragment of his imagination. Something he caught up from a movie or the likes of those. He is just fourteen after all. Anything out of the blue would be 'cool' for him. And, I'll tell him that he was wrong to make up such stuff.


The next day, I woke up to the regular screaming and shouting voices. Mum and dad were at it again. They have probably found something else to fight about. Seriously, this was getting monotonous.

I've talked about this to my mother, but she always defends my dad. So, I finally gave up, and I am working myself to get used to it. Probably some day, they will realise and work things out.


The next time I saw Adam, he was again sneaking into dad's phone.

"What are you doing?", I screamed at him.

He was completely taken by surprise, and accidentally dropped the phone.

"Nothing", he said.

I went forward to pick the phone. "I told you that you should give up with your stupid stories. Do you want me to tell dad?", I threatened him.

"Go ahead. He would kill you first anyway.", he replied.

"What do you mean?", I questioned.

He pointed towards the phone.


"You were right, Adam."

"I told you."

"But how did this happen?"

"You want me to tell the biology about how it's done.", he joked.

"Shut up!", I exclaimed.

"Oh come on, Debby. If he can do this, why can't I talk about it then.", he said loudly.

"Because it's wrong.", I shouted back.

Yes. This is wrong. All those texts, those words, and probably whatever dad has done. Everything about this is wrong.

The conversations between him and that b****, were like two sexually deprived pubescent teenagers satisfying themselves. But they were not. They both had their families, and their actions were unacceptable.

They were the same people who hammered me against being friends with a boy. If my actions were immoral, then where have their morals vanished now. Being in love is one thing, but this association is just to satisfy their lusts.

"We should tell mom about it.", I told Adam.

"She knows.", he said.

Bombshell, this was.

"Wouldn't she have fought back if she knows?", I asked him.

"FYI Debby, they fight. Every day.", he said.

"But that is not about all this."

"It is. Not directly, but this is the only reason."

"This is not happening.", I said authoritatively.

"What do you mean?", he asked.

"I'm gonna confront the three of them, starting with mom."

"Are you mad?"

"I don't care. This is wrong. And this won't continue anymore.", I said.


"Mom, do you know about dad and his girlfriend.", I guess this was very direct.

"What?", she exclaimed.

"Yes, about his affair with Ms. Donovan?", I said.

"Shut up, Debby." She vociferated loudly. "I am not having any of this nonsense. Stop this rubbish about your father."


"No ifs or buts. You had better leave now.", she was still screaming.

I was annoyed, but agreed to leave.


The following days, I thought of the things I could say to dad. It was necessary that his actions be checked. And stopped. But I could never manage the courage to confront him. One of the days, when I went to pick my brother up from school, I saw him with that woman.

I couldn't believe it. There she was holding hands with him. They were looking into each other's eyes as if the scene was playing from a movie. And, if it was, then horror is the rightful genre for this scene.

But who am I to judge her, when I'm stabbed in the back by my own friend. How could he do this to me? Is his mind completely blank? For a man who puts values and family at the highest level, these actions are absolutely outrageous. I mean, how can he cheat me? More importantly, how can he cheat on my mother?


Every day, I regret my actions of not confronting him. It has been three months since I found out the truth, and yet I could never manage to talk to him. He disgusts me. Everything about him. They still fight, my mom and dad. And mom still defends him. Nothing has changed. There are still those lust fulfilling text messages and meetings. The only thing different is that I now know about it.

And every day, it is the same story, like last time.....

The next day, I woke up to the regular screaming and shouting voices. Mum and dad were at it again. They have probably found something else to fight about. Seriously, this was getting monotonous.

I've talked about this to my mother, but she always defends my dad. So, I finally gave up, and I am working myself to get used to it. Probably some day, they will realise and work things out.

Extra-marital affairs, are somewhat common. More importantly, they are morally wrong. I believe that you may have any kind of relation you desire, but once you are committed and married to someone, you should be loyal to them. Loyalty and trust is the most valuable aspect of any relationship, and it should exist as long as that bond exists, if not forever.

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