Be Yourself

"Be yourself", is surely one of the most popular phrases that almost every individual has pondered upon. Yes, it is the best advice you can give to someone, and practice yourself. But what you should actually ponder upon, is, how many times have you truly been yourself?

When everyone around you is trying to judge and adjust you according to their own preferences, eventually you will reach "the breaking point". And, this transforms you into a technically and socially engineered somebody, somebody who's an infinitesimal distance away from your original self.

While I agree that there are some basic manners of being around people, but apparently following those basic manners are just not enough. You should learn to compromise, and nod your head in the direction you are asked to.

Yes, there are changes that help you improve, but they come with their own terms and conditions. After all, life isn't supposed to be easy, right?

The most important part is that these changes must be self induced, and should not be forced upon you. Sadly, it doesn't happen much, and every day you are pushed further into being an entirely different personality. From a kid who asked questions to a man who avoids them, the transformation is so vast that finding a connection is virtually impossible.

There are times, you wonder whether you could go back to how you used to be. And, even if you try, you may never find the answer to this question : "Who am I?"