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Dad's New Girlfriend

"Why don't you focus on your studies?", he said. "I do.", that was all I could come up with. "Your performance speaks otherwise.", he continued. "Now listen to me, first of all, give me your phone. And, about that boy, I forbid you to see him anymore." "But..."

Preview - New Story

"I couldn't believe it. There she was holding hands with him. They were looking into each others' eyes as if the scene was playing from a movie. And if it was, then horror is the rightful genre for this scene. But who am I to judge her, when I'm stabbed in the back by my own friend. How could he do this to me? Is his mind completely blank? For a man who puts values and family at the highest level, these actions are absolutely outrageous. I mean, how can he cheat me? More importantly, how can he cheat on my mother?" Excerpts from a new short story. Coming soon..... Have you checked out the other stories? Click here

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