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Dad's New Girlfriend

"Why don't you focus on your studies?", he said. "I do.", that was all I could come up with. "Your performance speaks otherwise.", he continued. "Now listen to me, first of all, give me your phone. And, about that boy, I forbid you to see him anymore." "But..."

Preview - New Story

"I couldn't believe it. There she was holding hands with him. They were looking into each others' eyes as if the scene was playing from a movie. And if it was, then horror is the rightful genre for this scene. But who am I to judge her, when I'm stabbed in the back by my own friend. How could he do this to me? Is his mind completely blank? For a man who puts values and family at the highest level, these actions are absolutely outrageous. I mean, how can he cheat me? More importantly, how can he cheat on my mother?" Excerpts from a new short story. Coming soon..... Have you checked out the other stories? Click here


The paranormal is a very common type of fear. From campfire stories to horror movies and video games, the genre is popular in all age groups. But the question that I've seen a lot, actually questions this fear of ghosts. 'Are you afraid of the dark, or what you may find in it?' 

Be Yourself

"Be yourself", is surely one of the most popular phrases that almost every individual has pondered upon. Yes, it is the best advice you can give to someone, and practice yourself. But what you should actually ponder upon, is, how many times have you truly been yourself?