The Game Of Cricket

Cricket is the second most popular game in the world, behind football (soccer). The game has produced some of the finest sportsmen of all time, and features a huge fan base and support. Here's a tribute to the game, as a rhyme. 

The gentleman's game for eternity. 
Cricket is a game of uncertainties. 
Twenty-two yards across is the playing pitch. 
There's a lot of class, with some underdog glitch. 

It's a contest between the bat and ball. 
And you are a good player until you fail or fall. 
Of course, the game goes on in sportsmen spirit. 
Attack and defense are, duh, the key technique. 

Let's begin with Sir Vivian Richards.
You may either time, or smack the ball hard. 
Sir Don Bradman averages ninety-nine, 
while Sachin Tendulkar has big hundreds all right.

Records are made one day, and broken the next. 
A game spanning five days is always a big test. 
It may be dominated by the batter's attack. 
But the bowler always does fight back. 

They are not really praised when the batsman's smart, 
but respect the bowlers, 'cause they work real hard. 
The coin always features two sides. 
And it's not engrossing without a real fight. 

Generations pass and rules change. 
The game is so simple, and yet so strange. 
But that's what makes it so interesting. 
After all, it's not everyday that miracles happen.

Big names, big players are not made overnight, 
and under-performers are heavily criticised. 
But as long as you play, victory is never too far. 
And the next stanza, is about the young stars. 

The class play of Kane(Williamson) and (Virat)Kohli,
and reliability of (Joe)Root and Steve(Smith).
Present to you, the new world order.
You may love the game, 'cause haters aren't bothered.


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