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Afraid 001

"There was something uncanny about that walk last night. I mean, I don't normally walk hand in hand with my girlfriend, who died five years ago."

Quotes 005

"We are the most vulnerable when we are asleep."Read On...

The Game Of Cricket

Cricket is the second most popular game in the world, behind football (soccer). The game has produced some of the finest sportsmen of all time, and features a huge fan base and support. Here's a tribute to the game, as a rhyme. 

Quotes 004

"When you hide yourself, the people who really care will come searching for you."

What Makes Me Special

Everyone wishes to explore their strengths and weaknesses, for that will help them improve and do better for themselves and others. Sadly, this exploration of the inner self is cut short through stereotyping, bullying and discrimination. 'What makes me special' is the story of four high school students, who are looking for an answer to the question...