9 Lines : What Makes or Breaks Your Rep

For the majority of the age group of 16-25, a constant internet connection is a must. Similarly, there are a lot of other things, that make them happy, choose their peers, and more or less program their everyday routines. Ironically, routine is something that goes for a walk during this ten year phase in our life but that doesn't matter a lot. Instead, a significant quality (and quantity) score in the following things is what makes you "God" within your group.

1. The Phone : Gone are the days when the phone was used as a communication device. In some magical way, the smartphone in your pocket represents your personality and abilities. In fact, you don't even need to work on developing any skills. A $600 phone is 'divine' enough.

2. The Gym : There's nothing wrong about hitting the gym, its what follows it. If the gossip of your group manages to find out about your workout regime, or any other athletic activity that you participate in, you can book your ticket to cloud nine, for you'll get a lot of cheers, and many more following you, till the gym sessions turn into group discussions. And if you yourself choose to make the announcement, I've just got one question, "what's the point of bragging?"

3. Spectacles : The presence of a pair of these on your nose pushes you to the bottom of the food chain, making you vulnerable to the bullying and nerd jokes. Rating people on the basis of their appearance (accessories, in this case) is offensive, and should not be practiced or participated in.

4. Shoes : Carrying on from the previous point, a good (and expensive) pair of shoes can make you the center of attention in your group for a very long time. But for the ones who can't afford a good set, being called 'cheap' gets regular. And while it may be a good laugh for the others, such taunts can be damaging to the victim's confidence.

5. Arrogance : 'Nice guys finish last', is now scientifically proven. And not just guys, but people with a more tolerant behaviour are always targeted. On the other hand, your arrogance keeps you on the top and makes sure you are heard for.

6. Wallet :  This is obvious. The bigger you wallet, the more you are respected. There had to be things that gave way to 'money talks', and nothing can be said to contradict the validity of this point.

7. The Ability to Party : Partying, or anything that puts you as a loud somebody promotes your image in your group. Talking back(aka offending) to your teachers (or seniors)  guarantees the cheers.

8. Relationship Status : Being in a relationship puts you in a different league than your peers. For most of them are focused on building their careers, your ability to balance your work and love life gives them the license to preach you.

9. Facebook : Hands down, everything on your Facebook profile build your reputation, be it the number of likes on your photo, or how many friends/followers you have.

Of course, all of these points are in context with the 'smartphone age', and they are all very true. And while some of these things are important, it is the discrimination they induce, that I choose to speak against. Many other things hold more value than these, and eventually you do realise this as you grow older. In fact, one of the changes that accompany being 25, is the maturity that comes with it in your thinking.