9 Lines : The Kind Of People You Find On Road

An average daily commuter might see thousands of others of his kind, but there are at least five people  he will remember for quite a long time. For instance, the one who steps on his foot, or the one who pushes him out of a bus. Yes, with the world population increasing at an extremely high rate, being pushed out of bus is too common to question. Here's a list of many of those faces(of jerks) that you'll remember for a long time (or at least the entire day).

1. The Slow Mover : These are the ones you encounter everyday, especially on days when you are late. As if the entire event is conspired against you, there's just no escaping one. And to add to the misery, some of these just don't know the meaning of 'excuse me'.

2. The Guy with No Signal on his phone : After screaming hello for a minimum of five times, is when some guys realise that they have 'no network coverage'. Sadly, the other passengers around them have to deal with the high amplitude noises, which cover a lot of swears as well.

3. The One whose shades are more important than shoes : Whether its 9AM or 9PM, these people never, and I repeat never, take off their shades. You can't help but wonder 'how dumb can someone be?'

4. The overly-expressive lady : It is good to be yourself, when you are with your friends, but then there's no need to inform everyone else about your plans. You never know, someone might plot to abduct you, right?

5. The One with a staring problem : While there's nothing wrong about looking around at fellow passengers, staring down someone, in one word is,'creepy'.

6. The Audiophile : These are the ones with earphones or headphones on. While earphones are still better, the one with headphones look like a complete fool. First of all, you don't need to show off your new beats by Dre cans. And the more important reason, you don't wanna get hit by a truck.

7. The Athlete : They run behind buses, beat you to the seat and rush faster than you out, as well. They may even jump small barricades to get ahead of you. And no, they are not trying to beat you, they just want to get injured. They need a doctor, perhaps.

8. The Speedster : You find these people behind the wheels, and if it wasn't for the law, they will smash into a group of ten people crossing the road.

9. And finally, the one who steps on your shoes : These are quite dangerous. They are always in a hurry, are ill-mannered, and are hazardous to themselves as well as you too. Watch out.