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9 Lines : What Makes or Breaks Your Rep

For the majority of the age group of 16-25, a constant internet connection is a must. Similarly, there are a lot of other things, that make them happy, choose their peers, and more or less program their everyday routines. Ironically, routine is something that goes for a walk during this ten year phase in our life but that doesn't matter a lot. Instead, a significant quality (and quantity) score in the following things is what makes you "God" within your group.

9 Lines : The Kind Of People You Find On Road

An average daily commuter might see thousands of others of his kind, but there are at least five people  he will remember for quite a long time. For instance, the one who steps on his foot, or the one who pushes him out of a bus. Yes, with the world population increasing at an extremely high rate, being pushed out of bus is too common to question. Here's a list of many of those faces(of jerks) that you'll remember for a long time (or at least the entire day).