The Bus Ride

Sometimes, anything you do is just not enough. While sometimes, you give your best to someone not deserving. And there are times, you try too hard to make a good impression. The end result in each of the three cases is that you end up losing the one you want to be with. Here's one such story, in the form of a rhyme.

As the end of the day draws near,
maybe the time is finally here,
for us to head our separate ways.
While our time together, I try to replay.

One summer evening, I caught your glimpse.
And about the feelings I had, I chose to be sphinx.

It didn't take me long, to feel enchanted.
And there were times, when I was reminded,
that you and I can never be,
and as soon as possible, I should flee.

A lot of times I went overboard,
with the words I said, or the acts I put.
And while you felt embarrassed, it wasn't the intent,
but then, you never understood what I meant.
Every time I attempted to make you smile,
you ended up doing the exact opposite.
And when my actions were negative,
I was quickly tagged problematic.

Of course, I wanted to keep my distance,
But barriers in this case, don't stand any chance.

The words from you were a big surprise,
especially after all my failed tries.
But the best things always happen by impulse,
and the best ways are always simple.

After having 'all about you' lessons,
I wanted to make a good impression.
But once again, I failed miserably.
There's no learning curve with me, apparently.
Or so I think, maybe I wasn't that bad after all.
But the look on your face says it all.
Maybe this was my one and only try,
maybe this really is goodbye.

Even though you have no reason for,
could you please stay a bit more?
Just sit back and talk with me,
let this bus ride be our infinite journey.


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