Conversation 4

I'm sorry that I have to break your heart.

Okay. So you've asked me a lot of questions. I haven't managed to answer them all, and some may even go unanswered forever. But the last time, you asked me, if I want you out of my life.

And for that, my answer was something that I learnt just a while ago.

Well, you didn't get what I meant by that. Before I tell you its meaning, there are a few things I want you to recollect.

My favourite restaurant is my favourite, 'cause it was where we went on our first date.

My favourite conversations are the one I've had with you, be it at 2:00AM when you are scared, or be it this one.

The best time of my life has been with you, 'cause your presence is enough for me.

I cannot promise that we  won't have any more fights, or that I'll change in a day, 'cause I can't.

But if anything should happen with me, it should happen with you around.

So, I'm sorry to disappoint you about the break-up you expected, but this won't be the last time we are together.

And as far as the 'thing I learnt' is concerned, it is just three words, eight letters from the English language, arranged to spell, 'I love you'.

And so the story begins.....


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