7 Lines : Does A Relationship Cut Your Wings

There's nothing more awesome than being in love, and there's nothing more special being loved by someone. But still, there are times you feel suffocated in a romantic relationship. While the cause usually is a wrong partner, the most common break-up reason is "It's not you, it's me." Sometimes, it is a mere excuse to get to someone else you are interested in, or you want to be all by yourself. But how does this happen, that once 'the perfect person' is now choking you. Here's a list of a few instances that force you into this conclusion.

1. The need to explain your decisions : There are things on your bucket list that just need to be done, and it gets annoying when you have to explain the reason to your inquisitive partner. At times, you end up dropping the plan altogether.

2. Spending time with friends : A serious love affair needs more time and priority; at least that is how it is today. This is one of the primal reasons for being bored or irritated with your partner. Too much of something will always be harmful.

3. Your partner's expectations : Planning, and then remembering dates, sharing and expressing your feelings regularly are some of the basics you must know at the beginning. Sadly, when you are not very good at this, you end up messing things up, and should be ready to get a few taunts.

4. And your own expectations as well : What goes around comes around. And when your partner misses out something very important to you, being upset and angry is natural. But arguing over this is not the greatest option, 'cause even they can come right back at you.

5. The fights : Talking about arguments, I've seen couples take up the dumbest excuses to fight. Long story short, they end up blowing things way out of proportion.

6. Responsibilities : Everything you do is in one way or the other, affecting your partner too. Hence, you end up being suffocated by the increased load of responsibilities. And at a younger age, this becomes even tougher.

7. Alone time : Introspecting, spending time all by yourself gets rarer. Taking time out to read you favourite book is more likely to turn into a telephonic conversation, and while you enjoy this attention early on, it becomes annoying as time passes by. You realise you don't get much time for yourself anymore, and then you go back to  point #5.

The truth is, you don't lose your freedom when you are in a relation, but like every other commitment, it does have some major effects. You are smart enough to know when it is not working out, and when you can make it work with a little effort. Simply put, the right partner will be the one you can trust, and you will surely never want to lose someone like them.

So yes, a relationship does cut your wings, but it gives you something way more special.