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Conversation 4

I'm sorry that I have to break your heart. Okay. So you've asked me a lot of questions. I haven't managed to answer them all, and some may even go unanswered forever. But the last time, you asked me, if I want you out of my life.

The Bus Ride

Sometimes, anything you do is just not enough. While sometimes, you give your best to someone not deserving. And there are times, you try too hard to make a good impression. The end result in each of the three cases is that you end up losing the one you want to be with. Here's one such story, in the form of a rhyme.

Conversations 3

You asked me why I don't share my feelings with you. While my answer has regularly been that 'that's how I am', it is far from convincing. The truth is, I can't seem to fathom my own feelings . Teen-age is full of mixed emotions, of love and hatred, fear and strength, joy and sadness, and many more. On that note, understanding my own feelings has been a tough job for me. 

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