Conversation 2

You asked me why I was being so rude. I have been ignoring this question for so long, but sometimes it is best to tell the truth. 

Well, I could have made a lot of excuses, or say something that would make you comfortable, there is no good in lying. 

When we last met, I just wanted to rush home as soon as possible. I know you have the right to expect things from me, but don't you think I deserve some time for myself?

To answer your question, I never want to be rude to you. I never want to upset you or hurt your feelings. But there are times when you just can't understand what I need from you.

If there is something I could do for you, I would do it to make you smile always. I want to share your ups and downs, your joy and happiness and everything you feel and experience. About our conversations, I never talked but listened to everything you said. Maybe you didn't notice it before, but it has become more prominent recently. Right?

You asked me why I was being so rude. That's because I'm human. Like you, your friends and my friends. The only difference is that you are closer to me than them. And that's why my behavior has more impact on you.

You asked me why I was being so rude. That's because it is one of the sensations my mind processes. If you expect me to be nice to you, I can be rude too. It might be intentional at times, but I never want to hurt you. And that's all I've got to say this time.


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