6 Lines : Smartphones

Our smartphones are more or less the first to know what goes on in our minds. A majority of our feelings, fantasies, thoughts and experiences are first written (typed) on our phones. But like all good things, they come with their own demerits. Here's a list of the good and the bad of our deeply cherished smartphones.

1. It keeps you connected  : With your e-mails and internet profiles, smartphones do a good job in maintaining your online celebrity status.
Sadly, they don't do well in real life. And one day you realise that the people you mostly see are through your phone's screen.

2. It gives you internet at all times  : And that means lots and lots of information, which is always beneficial. It can help you get your facts right, and win bets with your friends too.
Of course, too much internet disconnects you from the life around you. And not all of the information online is true.

3. It keeps you entertained  : A large variety of streaming media, added to your own playlists, can be a great pastime when you are bored or low.
But the availability of these sources have made us too lazy to go out and have some real fun.

4. It helps you capture the moment  : The camera attached to the back of your phones allows you to take beautiful photographs and record videos of all the dumb things you do with your friends. For memories, of course.
Still, there's no better camera than your own eye, and sometimes it is better to record the moment yourself. Keep the cameras in the bag.

5. It keeps you productive  : Check your mails, make notes, reminders about important stuff, the wake-up alarms and more, it helps you do your tasks faster, which leaves you with a lot of free time.
This isn't a bad thing at all, but if I have to make a contrasting point about this, well then, while it does improve your productivity, it can lower your creativity as well. Seriously. When you have access to so many documents on the internet, and the option of getting the work done faster, compromising with creativity is a very viable option.

6. It is an all-in-one device  : A telephone,   mp3 player,  e-book  reader,  GPS, camera; it can do this all. And this makes it good for you pocket and your desk too. 
The only negative pointer about this is that reading books on your phone is not comfortable when compared to paperbacks. Not even close.  

A good phone can be a serious necessity, but as long as it is used efficiently. Excessive use of anything can be dangerous, and in this case you may end up being a couch potato. So be careful and keep your balance right. After all there was life before the phones and internet.