8 lines : What Makes You a Child Again

While you can never be as young as you are at this moment, there are a few things that never grow old. In fact, some of these things make you feel a lot like a dirt-loving kid. Here is a list of a few of those...

1. Tom and Jerry : There's something special about this cat and mouse pair. The pranks, the jokes and the laughter never changes, whether you are 6 or 60.

2. The Dentist : While visiting a dentist has never been a scary thought, a lot of people can make the dumbest of excuses to avoid one. Though there is one scary thing in the hospital zone, needles. Advice – try your best to avoid the pointy things.

3. Bubble wrap : Talking of things, bubble wrap is one thing that brings out the child in everyone. The sound is pure music to ears.

4. Toddlers : Moving on from things, it's magical how being around babies can transform you into one. If you choose to stay around one for long, you may end up babbling too.

5. Toys : Some babies are too stubborn to share their toys with you. And those toys deserve to be stolen. It is not rare to see a young woman going 'awwh...' over a barbie doll.

6. Ice cream : You'll never get old to gobble upon some ice cream. It was hands down the best invention in the history of mankind.

7. Mother's lap : There's nothing more comforting than a little nap on your mother's lap. A forty year old man would feel the same as a 10 year kid would after a long day.

8. Summer Holidays : They may become rarer as your age goes up, but the pure delight of planning your holidays (and then not following your plans) is just unbeatable.

There are some things in the world which never change, and some things like these should never ever change. It is better to be somewhat immature and happy than having a mature and boring tag attached to your name.