15 Lines : Hopelessly Romantic

1. When you hug a much shorter (than you) girl, and she just perfectly fits in your arms.

Here are fifteen idyllic phrases from young love stories, and while they are from a guy's point of view, the girls can work the other way round.

2. After all the times you text her first, hoping that she will begin a conversation someday. And when she finally does that....achievement unlocked.

3. At 3:00am in the morning, you get a phone call from her saying, "I had a bad dream". And then you be the world's biggest comic just to get her mind off of it.

4. The goosebumps you get when your arm brushes past hers. And the butterflies start parading in your gut.

5. And when you finally manage enough courage to hold her hand. Of course, to help her cross the road.

6. The next thing you know, she grabs your hand while watching a horror movie. The movie was awesome, right?

7. When she asks your definition of   'the perfect girl', and you describe everything about her, so that she can take the hint.

8. And when she does get the hint, and starts playing hard to get. This makes you try even more to impress her.

9. When she tells you her biggest secret, and you realise how important you are to her. Every following conversation with her makes you more and more responsible.

10. The words 'I trust you' from her are as important, if not more, than hearing 'I love you'.

11. When the apparently 'friend zoned' guy expresses his feelings, and gets an affirmative response from the lady.

12. When you are super-nervous about your first date, despite having gone out with her so many times (as friends). Well, she is just as nervous as you are.

13. You try cooking for her,   try to bake a cake, and blow your budget to make her birthday special. And then she makes you realise that your presence is enough to do that.

14. When your first kiss is way unexpected, and you know that you can never forget the moment.

15. The promise of growing old together, and fifty years later, your grandchildren complaining about the 'exactly same' advice the two of you give.